A Patient's Guide to Rosacea
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Rhinophyma is a rare disfigurement of the nose associated with advanced rosacea, and is more commonly found in men. The distal area of the nose thickens, and over time, develops into a knobby appearance. Pores are also enlarged, and large superficial blood vessels may develop. Although uncommon, this condition is very visible, and therefore, distressing for many.


Treatments for rhinophyma involve physical surgery to destroy the excess growth of fibrous and sebaceous tissue. While topical and oral medications can bring down the inflammation, and vascular lasers can help to reduce redness, it will not remove the excess mass which becomes fixed. The most common surgical techniques include dermabrasion, hot knife surgery and electrosurgery.

CO2 lasers can be set to cutting mode, to debulk the nose of excess tissue. The Silktouch laser is ideal for this purpose, vaporizing the tissue so that it can be remodeled later. Scarring is uncommon with these procedures. Care does need to be taken not to over-treat this, as contracture can pull up the tip of the nose when too much tissue is removed.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is typically used. In some cases, general anesthesia is required. Immediately after the procedure, oozing from the pared tissue can be seen. Due to the exposed sebaceous glands, the treated area will be yellow in color for the first two to three weeks. Patients are generally satisfied with the final outcome of the treatment.

Rhinophyma Post Laser Treated Nose Healed After Treatment
1) Rhinophyma 2) Post Laser Treated 3) Nose Healed After Treatment